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Paul Ballenger
Chief Executive officer

Paul is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working within the security industry, with a strong background in military operations, emergency management, operational planning, corporate security, team building, and organizational leadership. Paul mixes outside of the box concepts while maintaining an analytical mindset, with an emphasis on action and results.

Paul’s experience is strong and varied, he has worked for fortune 500 companies, federal, state and municipal governments, the US Marines and the US Army. Paul started working in the private sector in 2013 and has focused on combining proven skills and concepts acquired through years of experience to private businesses. In addition to leading organizations, Paul has been an asset to Clients in a consulting role. He firmly believes that good security plans start with great people, with the best training and the right mindset that can be tailored to the needs of the Client.

Paul has completed industry relevant training from some of the most respected institutions in the country. Most recently, graduate school at the University of Colorado Boulder – MS in organizational leadership. The security industry is ever changing. Paul is among the industry leading experts that constantly looks to grow, adapt and implement the most current solutions for the Client.

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Vajra Granelli
Invicta Director of Training

Director of Training, with a history of training military, Police, and security all over the world. Vajra is Considered a master level firearms instructor, with experience training police, security contractors, SWAT and the public in combat shooting. He created and ran a training program for a successful security firm prior to Invicta. Currently working on building the best high threat security training program in Colorado and establish the first college accredited course in security in the country. He has worked as a professional martial arts and combat sports coach for over 25 years, with experience training in Japan, China and Europe and he has traveled globally teaching different martial arts. During his time as a coach, he has trained and gotten to work with many state / national / world champions.

Over 25 years of experience in the security industry working in the fields of executive protection, transport, facilities, and high-risk security. Vajra has led many EP teams working with celebrities and business executives in California.

An 8-year background in law and code enforcement in San Francisco, as an inspector he worked a broad spectrum of cases with a 100% closure rate. He worked alone in the field as well as part of multi-agency task forces.

He is a professional with the ability to mix outside the box ideas with proven practical methods in any setting. Vajra has years of experience in planning security operations and working in adverse environments.

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