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Invicta Solutions provides best in class private security guard services, including armed and unarmed security guards, corporate and event security, and consulting in the state of New Mexico. Our team is comprised of highly decorated former military, law enforcement, and SWAT personnel, with decades of experience from across the country and around the world. Our training and experience sets Invicta apart, and allows us to take former military veterans, and train them in advanced law enforcement techniques, including customer service, de-escalation, and active shooter response. This allows Invicta to provide a level of service previously unavailable to the public. We have an extensive network of security teams, company partners, resources, clients, local area experts, and affiliates.

Our mission is simple – provide industry-best security guard services, with the highest level of Client service possible. Our security services are designed to seamlessly integrate into your business, with the ability to adapt rapidly, ensuring a positive, safe, and secure working environment. Please contact our New Mexico division to begin service, or learn more about how Invicta security guards can improve your business.

Our services in New Mexico include:

Security Guard – On-site security, patrols, store guard, night guards.
Armed Security – Our armed security personnel are trained and licensed.
Event Security – Concerts, rallies, or any form of gathering that requires security.
Executive Protection – We provide a discreet or overt close protection detail.
Bank Security – Lobby or exterior based armed security.
School Safety / Security – We provide on-site security, training, and consulting for school safety/security.
Congregation Security – Discrete guards for places of worship.
Security Consulting – Our experts will work with your team and help you develop a security strategy.
Security Training – Our staff of expert trainers will work with your team. We provide a wide variety of training services.

We provide private security service in the following cities:


Santa Fe

Las Cruces

Please contact us for information about other cities in New Mexico.

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