On Point: Patterns of Awareness

April 22, 2022

There are many approaches to what we call security, and these approaches are generally dictated by what a client demands and what a situation—any situation—necessitates. The security specialist must be aware of both, both what the client needs and what circumstances require. That’s the basics, the bare bones of what a security specialist must consider. Furthermore, the specialist must accomplish this as a representative of his or her firm, which is not to be neglected, given that a specialist is a professional extension of the said firm. That’s where I started when I began training with and working for Invicta some months ago. The more I trained, the more assignments I took, the more the world got interesting. Due to circumstances of my living abroad, I was able to train and work with Invicta only for a short period of time. However, from a security perspective, what I learned during that time retains applicable value. Considering this, I wish to discuss two basic aspects of security that fall along a singular line of awareness. Awareness, to be clear, may be the most important skill we can develop in security, either professionally or personally.

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