Why is Training Important?

Why is training important

What is the methodology behind the Invicta self defense training program and how does it relate to you?

Most people are intrigued by Martial Arts training. The discipline, the body-mind coordination, the strength and of course the “bad-assery” that is conveyed if you can judo throw someone or Kung-fu kick a guy across the room. The self defense aspect of knowing a martial art often seems secondary to most people.

People often ask us questions about self defense, and we regularly reconnecomend some kind of Martial Arts training. It is very important you find a martial style you can connect with in some way. Even when you find a gym /dojo that immediately clickes with you, the question that comes up for most people is “Why should I voluntarily let myself get beaten up by a guy who is twice my size and weight?”

The answer is Because it is uncomfortable! We live in a world that we try to make as comfortable as possible. But the world ultimately is not comfortable. The full experience of life contains a lot of different forms of discomfort. Learning to cope with that is an invaluable tool.

The feeling that someone is quite literally choking the life out of you and then realizing that you can still breath and that you are not helpless, that in fact there is a little bit of space for you to work with, just a tiny little gap. Recognizing that space or gap becomes a very important key to training. The gap or space can manifest as a physical gap but it also can also manifest as a mental gap. It can become a moment of clear seeing, a moment of being able to understand that you are going to be ok. That you can fight on, that you don’t have to give up, that there is hope, that you can defeat your opponent. At the end of the day the most important thing is never giving up. This is a very valuable lesson in fighting and in life.

With training and hard work you will realize that your size, weight and gender do not matter. That there are techniques that allow a smaller person to fight a much bigger opponent. And that is where the self defense component will enter in.

We hope that you never have to defend yourself. That you never came to be in a place where you have to fight a much bigger, stronger person. With real training you will see that you can be confident against bigger people and that even if a fight goes badly (which would be the worst possible scenario), you still have a lot of good options. Even in the most compromising positions you can get out, that you can turn the situation around and end up on top.

Only knowing a limited style of self defense may not be sufficient as it may not teach good techniques for a stand up fight or if you are pinned to the ground or encounters with weapons, it is critical that you become as well rounded as possible. Only through expanding your training regiment and knowledge can you have confidence in whatever situation you might find yourself in. The truth is your mind is the strongest tool for any kind of fight.

The idea of learning how to defend yourself can be both exciting and scary. Exciting because it can be empowering, confidence building and it can teach you about the boundaries of your own body. Scary, because the idea of having to defend yourself is scary. Any situation that causes you to lay hands on somebody else or fight for your life is generally speaking not a good one. Most of the time self defense gets promoted through fear (Especially for women).

Our goal at Invicta is that we do not want to promote fear. We want to promote confidence. We don’t believe that you only need to do a self defense workshop one time if you live in a dangerous neighborhood. We believe that a well rounded and complete self defense program can benefit anyone who wants to challenge themselves and cultivate confidence and strength both physically and mentally.