In’vic.ta = unconquerable, invincible.

We are Invicta. Unparalleled physical security.

American Security Guard Firm
headquartered in Denver, Colorado

Invicta provides private security guard services in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania.

Providing High Caliber
Protection Services

Our Philosophy
Industry Leading
Security Firm

Invicta provides best in class security services (security guards, event security, corporate security, armed guards, and consulting). Our team has decades of security, and security relevant experience from all across the country, and in many cases overseas. Our training and experience have in some areas transformed the industry standard to a higher level. We have an extensive network of security teams, company partners, resources, Clients, local area experts and affiliates throughout the country.

At the end of the day our mission is simple – provide the industries the very best physical security – with the highest level of Client service. Security can be fluid at times, things can change, a professional security team with the right people and the capability to adapt rapidly are critical to mission success.

Pro Tips

One thing that sets Invicta apart from our competition is our guard training program. We take training seriously. The security industry can pose various threats and therefore we feel it’s imperative that our Protection Specialists receive the very best training.