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Our aim is to protect you and your property, and our management team begins the security process by visiting each client’s location. Here we’ll assess how many of our security officers will work best for the most fortified protection, then clear our decision with the client to ensure they are in agreement with our choices. We only finalize arrangements with approval from the client, and we are always open to feedback and addressing concerns.

Our Mission

With the overall mission of keeping you safe, American aims to do so by meeting critical security demands with our high level of expertise and unfaltering commitment to excellence. Such values have merited us the recognition and reputation we enjoy today.

Recruitment Process

All Invicta Security guard candidates are screened during our recruitment process to ensure they carry skills that include professionalism and understanding. Those taken on board are further trained to ensure consistently professional personal appearance and conduct, coupled with a courteous and helpful attitude. Trainees continued to be monitored throughout the entire training process, with instructors filing regular reports on each individual’s progress.

Training, Management and Maintenance

Our uniformed security officers are our most important resource, and we treat them as such. Acute attention is paid to officers during each stage of their careers, starting with our recruitment process and continuing through their hiring, training, supervision and management. They are primed to work hard and exceed expectations. We pay equally acute attention to our patrol vehicle fleet, office equipment and other real property. Vehicles are regularly inspected and tested by experts, as are our electronic monitoring systems and two-way radios.

Our Goals

Maintaining an open relationship with all our clients ranks high on our goal list. We want you to receive top-notch security services and we do what we can to ensure you get them. We hope to establish a trustworthy and solid relationship that produces loyal clients for the long term.